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South Texas Ranch and Heritage Center is a composite of heritage antiquities throughout South Texas. The MCHC is actively engaged in restoration and preservation of valuable antiquities and artifacts in McMullen County. As a focal point, a state-of-the-art flagship is to be constructed for area interpretation inclusive of other South Texas Counties and antiquities.

To a large extent, a county historical commission is given purpose through commitment and enthusiasm from appointees and members. We value and are indebted to sponsors and patrons whose faithful support ensures that South Texas Ranch and Heritage Center remains active, alive and well.













Goliath Fundraiser

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Goliath is an imposing registered Longhorn steer from the elite Longhorn herd on El Coyote Ranch in Brooks County. Shoulder mounted by internationally famous taxidermist, Joe Hibler and Sons of Kingsville, Texas, his classic visage links to Spanish settlement of the Americas.

The McMullen County Historical Commission, a tax exempt subdivision of McMullen County, is offering Goliath's shoulder mount in a grand raffle promotion which will forward the restoration and rehabilitation of one of the cornerstones of the South Texas Ranch and Heritage Center, the Old Rock Store and Museum.

Raffle update begins here. You must be 18 years of age to participate. Receipts of $100 contributions will be numbered and drawn at an event and date to be announced in the next update.

Contributions to the MCHC, a McMullen County subdivision-are tax deductible. We gladly share our Tax ID on your receipt. Watch for information about raffle action soon. We do not share your information with others.

Achieving our Mission

  The mission of the South Texas Ranch and Heritage Center on this site is to preserve South Texas historic and prehistoric history for education, enjoyment, and economic benefit for present and future generations.

 The McMullen County Historical Commission (MCHC) in collaboration with Honorable County Judge Jim Teal, the McMullen County Commissioners' Court, and the Texas Historical Commission presents South Texas historical interpretations through the coming South Texas Ranch and Heritage  Center (STRHC) flagship in Tilden, Texas. 

This website goal is to present in depth histories of South Texas counties while illuminating their compelling diversity. Check our County Portals for 30 South Texas county history summaries containing multiple links that offer further information. Join us; experience and contribute histories that drive this mission. Each contribution is a valuable donation. When we later begin a membership campaign, each contribution will qualify the donor for a one month membership cumulative to one year subscription.

South Texas History

South Texas Ranch and Heritage History is the least told history in Texas. South Texas counties share a strong connection to historic and present day Mexico and multiple nations throughout the world. The challenges of a hazard ridden climate and distance from the continental United States of America and even our own state are ever with us. 

Yet, these challenges and the people who accept them  offer unique and brilliantly colorful histories. Prehistory opens a panorama of long ago extinct but once living plant organisms, creatures, and native tribes too often forgotten. History moves with robust and sometimes tumultuous growth while man's incessant curiosity and struggles move forward.

Travel on this website with us in this journey. We welcome you, our neighbor.




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