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McMullen County

McMullen County Courthouse, built in 1929. Photo Courtesy of Texas Courthouse Trail.
McMullen County Commissioners' Court

Above (L to R):

Precinct 4:  

Commissioner Max Quintanilla                              

Precinct 3:                     Commissioner Scotty McClaugherty 

Honorable Judge Jim Teal 

Precinct 2:                     Commissioner Murray Swaim  

Precinct 1:             Commissioner Larry Garcia 

McMullen County Commissioners' Court, Judge Teal and the Commissioners, meet twice monthly to conduct business for McMullen County. With the Texas Historical Commission in Austin, they guide the local county historical commission.

Their support in protecting and preserving the history of the county is invaluable. The McMullen County Historical Commission thanks them for their constant support.

McMullen County Historical Commission

Old Rock Store and Museum, built in 1870.

This website, founded by the McMullen County Historical Commission (MCHC), a tax-exempt subdivision of McMullen County, is designed for the benefit of those interested in South Texas History. Our organization endeavors to preserve the past and educate the present for bright tomorrows.

Your McMullen County Historical Commission is appointed by Judge Jim Teal and the County Commissioners at the beginning of each uneven numbered year to serve for two years in compliance with Texas Historical Commission guidelines. Present MCHC appointees are: Jayne Varga, Chairperson; Betty Dickinson, Vice Chairperson; Jane Wheeler, Secretary; Gracie Quintanilla, Treasurer; Mike Miles, Marker Chair; Cecile Stanley, Appointee; and Tim Jambers, Appointee. These appointees volunteer their time and efforts to accomplish county and regional history preservation. Janis and Richard Hudson are contracted for Development and Fundraising.

New volunteers who share our commitment are always welcome. It is a delight to experience the contributions of each new person. 

The Old Rock Store currently houses The McMullen County Museum. Built in 1870, the Old Rock Store, was gifted to the McMullen County Historical Commission in 1974 by  Clifton and Nora Wheeler for a permanent Museum Home. The Dedication was celebrated in 1977 during the McMullen County centennial celebration. Help us preserve this heritage.

Check out our County Portals for information regarding 30 South Texas counties.

From the Webmaster

It is a joy to develop this website with the McMullen County Historical Commission (MCHC) digitally preserving South Texas history. This website is an extension of the South Texas Ranch and Heritage Center also sponsored by the (MCHC).

Growing up in South Texas and living since then in other parts of the state, my husband, "Hud", and I are acutely aware of how unaware much of the state is regarding South Texas history. Our goal here is to develop a repository of photos, stories, and information that serve the memory of all South Texas.

I am responsible for writing and development. All photos unless otherwise stated are current or archivals refurbished and contributed by my husband, Hud Hudson. The MCHC monitors all publication.

We need and want your historical contributions for the County Portals page, which is the heart of this site. Thirty county portals recognize South Texas counties. We thank Dave and Renee Fulp at Texas Courthouse Trails for permission to use the courthouse photos.

On the County Portals page, three different counties are spotlighted each month. New pages are added to the spotlight portal at that time. The spotlight continually moves through counties alphabetically looking first at forefather and family photos and stories as they are obtained. Spotlighted county summaries link to archives. Without new material, it is necessary to skip a county and move to the next. Therefore, each county is welcome to send information at any time, and we post their material as soon as time allows.

All material must observe copyright requirements. Material to be posted here can be previously unpublished, previously published but without copyright as in many county peoples' history books and some educational materials, or permission and desired attribute from the copyright holder must be provided. We thank you for your time, effort, and collaboration. We honor and respect your history. Please use contact page for document transfer. 

Thank you,

Janis and Richard Hudson


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