GOLIATH Shoulder Mount


From the days of Longhorn drives to Kansas and Montana, no animal is more generally revered than the Longhorn, especially the steers. The soft all-knowing soulful eyes stare beyond human encounter where far unknown and timeless worlds endure.  The rugged frame mounted with startlingly long horns set them apart from all other species.  Almost extinct in the twenties and thirties, Graves Peeler first helped save the Longhorn in 1927 by working with Wildlife Refuge employees. Then with the help of J. Frank Dobie and Sid Richardson, he rebirthed the breed by developing three herds of pure bred remnants and precisely chosen specimen from Mexico and throughout the Southwest. These herds continue the basis for one of the seven bloodlines of Longhorn progeny, the Graves Peeler Texas Longhorn bloodline. Transposed to state parks and on Peeler’s McMullen County ranch, Longhorns flourished again.

Goliath Mount


World renowned wildlife taxidermists, Joe Hibler and Sons of Kingsville, Texas, preserve the finest global archetypal examples.

The mission of the McMullen County Historical Commission:

"To Educate and Inform, to Preserve and Protect the History of South Texas."


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