Christmas Dance-

     We had some pretty rugged times back when we were growing up, but we had our good times too. They are all very precious memories. I remember some of the old time dances we went to. We
danced all night, had cake and coffee at midnight; we danced the rest of the night. Almost everyone who came had baked a cake for the occasion and,
believe me, they were good ones.
     I will never forget one Christmas when Grandma and Grandpa Whitley had the dance at their house. People came from as far away as Simmons
City in wagons. It was very cold weather. The men built huge fires outside and filled tubs with coals of fire to bring into the house for heat. We had four tubs of coals and the fireplace going full blast.

Eva Winters Hyden

People danced all night and had a huge breakfast that morning before going home.
     Papa always played the fiddle. Sometimes there would be another fiddler there and someone could
pick the guitar. I had an aunt who could "beat the fiddle strings" with a long hat pin. Some music, that was.

     Submitted by Eva Winters Hyden for McMullen County History  Book, self-published by the McMullen County Historical Commission, Tilden, Texas. 1981. 12.





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