South Texas September History  Kick-Off

Thank you to all our 2016 sponsors for supporting Seventh Graders-the only grade with a complete year of Texas Social Studies.

Donations were deductible as a contribution to the MCHC, a tax-exempt subdivision of McMullen County. See donor recognition below for gifts. All financial and in-kind donations were helpful. Each financial donation was designated as STRHC operational costs. Above cost donations were welcome for either STRHC Operating or Capital funds as per their designation. 

Financial Donors to date are:

Tilden Bank SNB

SouthTrust Bank-Three Rivers, Pleasanton, and George West

Williams Energy Foundation

Valero Foundation, Three Rivers

Betty Catherine (Martin) and Gary Walker

Jay and Betty Dickinson

Lester and Judy Dickinson

Novia (Kinsel) Harris

Live Oak County Historical Commission

McMullen County Historical Commission

In Kind donors to date are:

Karen Wheeler

Cecile Stanley

Richard and Janis Hudson

Carlos Garduno

Terry and Jayne Varga Family

FlintKnapper-Richard Dobie

Tim Jambers

Jane Wheeler

McMullen County ISD

MG Building Materials, Pleasanton, TX

Wheeler's Mercantile, Tilden, TX

Virginia Twins Garden Market-PleasantonTX

Mission Sin Caja-Kurt House

Best Western- Three Rivers, TX

Water Works- Corpus Christi, TX

McMullen County Maintenance Dept.

McMullen County Sheriff's Dept.

McMullen County 4-H

Brian Burns adult concert and half-price second performance daily contributed.

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department 

Levels of Gifting: 

Black Gold: up to $749 to Sponsor choice of Brian Burns expenses, learning center presenters, artifacts, Boot Hill Preparation, and print materials. 

Longhorn: $750-2,499 to Sponsor student and chaperone T-Shirts with sponsor name on the back. 

Empresario: $2,500-$4,999 to Sponsor Brian Burns  Concerts. 

Camino Real: $5,000-$15,000 Underwrite Brian Burns Concerts with specified amount for Old Rock Store or South Texas Ranch and Heritage Center, Capital or Operational Fund. Underwriter name in project  title.

All Donors Receive: Name or logo on STRHC website, print materials, press releases, and program; then tickets to adult concert: Black Gold-1, Longhorn-2, Empresario-4, Camino  Real-8

Our tax id was placed on your receipts. Thank you once again for your donation to:

McMullen County Historical Commission              PO Box 237 Tilden, Texas  78072

Thank you for your help. We enjoyed seeing students and chaperones at the fieldtrip, and adults as volunteers on fieldtrip days and as guests at the Senior Adult Concert.




South Texas September History Kick-Off   was presented by McMullen County Historical Commission  and supporting Sponsors.                                    

Project: South Texas September History Kick Off-South Texas Seventh Grade Texas History Field Trip to Tilden, Texas.

Supported by the McMullen County Historical Commission and donors listed to the left.

  • Schools within about one hour’s drive from Tilden invited.
  • South Texas Counties invited for this project: McMullen, Atascosa, Bee, Duval, Frio, Karnes, Live Oak, Jim Wells, San Patricio, and NE Webb.

Event: 7th Grade Concert-Renowned historian-musician, Brian Burns, presents Once Upon a Time in Texas, multiple award-winning concert; brown bag lunch and choice of Living History Stations: flint napper demonstration, youth roles, vaquero traditions, and hunting history and safety with local game warden; visit South Texas only authentic Boot Hill Cemetery with reenactors (crypts used during cholera epidemic, cowboy recklessness, and natural causes).

  • Separate Adult Burns concert at Tilden Community Center-proceeds go to South Texas Ranch and Heritage Center.

Goal: Support 1,000 South Texas seventh grade students in their Texas History studies. Pre/Post Curriculum provided. Additional above cost contributions applied to South Texas Ranch and Heritage Center (STRHC) Operational Funds for sustainability of South Texas Ranch and Heritage History. Donations may also specify South Texas Ranch and Heritage Center Capital Funds. 


STRHC Field Trip Mission and Sponsors

STRHC 7th Grade History Curriculum 

TEKS History Standards

STRHC 7th Grade Science TEKS & Curriculum

STRHC 7th Grade Geography TEKS & Curriculum






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