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South Texas September History Kick-Off Integrated Curriculum

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History Content*

  1. Brian Burns Concert- Brian Burns’ concert includes songs, poetry, and discussion.
  2. McMullen County Boot Hill- Only South Texas authentic boot hill cemetery and oldest in the nation.
  3. FlintKnapper-Authentic South Texas Indian arrowheads and tools with demonstration and narrative regarding tribes, purpose, and native stone. 
  4. Youth Roles-Artifacts and story demonstrate collective family effort and surprising historical revelations. 
  5. Vaquero Traditions-Power Point presentation shows origins of current ranching and rodeo practices.
  6. Hunting History and Safety-Game Warden uses past and current artifacts to narrate history and need for safety in the wilds of South Texas.

Geography Content*

Science Content*

Economic Content*

Texas Essential Knowlege and Skills (TEKS) for Seventh Grade History/Geography, etc.

* Secondary Sources-This South Texas Ranch and Heritage Center's website contains:

  • oral and written histories published by County Historical Commissions.
  • connections to Monarch and other wildlife sites explain habitats, reproduction, and global eco-systems.
  • Links on the website offer research opportunities that lead students to in depth information on underscored topics.
  • traditional reference material is also used.



TEKS Curriculum for South Texas September History Kick-Off

The mission of this field experience is to present seventh grade students with experience and new knowledge of Texas and their own South Texas regional past as it was and continues to influence and be influenced by world events. Primary and secondary sources integrate real places, artifacts, reenactments, musical and poetic context, geography, culture, science, and economics in a way that kick-start and stimulate reading, research, critical thinking, writing and other contributions about Texas History as a life-long pursuit.                                    

Written by

Janis Hudson, Development and Education Specialist


Sponsored by

McMullen County Historical Commission


South Texas Ranch and Heritage Center


This work is made possible through funding from:

                  McMullen County Historical Commission       Bank SNB-Tilden

South Trust Bank-Three Rivers, Pleasanton, and

George West

Valero Foundation, Three Rivers

Williams Foundation

Jay and Betty Dickinson

Lester and Judy Dickinson

Betty Catherine and Gary Walker 

         Live Oak County Historical Commission             

In-kind Donations contributed from those below greatly furthered the work:

Karen Wheeler

Cecile Stanley

McMullen County ISD

Mg Building Materials, Pleasanton, TX

Virginia Twins Garden Market, Pleasanton, TX

Mission Sin Caja-Kurt House

McMullen County 4-H

Brian Burns’ half-price second performance daily contributed.

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

STRHC Webmasters-Janis and Richard Hudson


Published by

McMullen County Historical Commission

PO Box 237

Tilden, Texas 78072



September 9th, 2016



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