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Sometimes we become so familiar with our surroundings that we take them for granted and forget their worth. South Texas is the heart of the cowboy mystique from its earliest days. Amazingly worldwide, that sometimes romantic, sometimes unsavory cowboy mystique is dear. Whether down home values or the wild spirit that often led men and some women differently, each generation seems to identify and seek ways to live vicariously in the experience.

Every county in South Texas shares  ranch, cowboy, and cattle drive history and more. The roots of now famous trails rose from the dust deeply embedded in South Texas.  Some say Longhorn cattle drives created the romance. Others say cowboys, fast women, and the cowboys' true darlings and wives. For sure, the story cannot be told by one without the other.

The historical romance is a short lived history, lasting only from the end of the Civil War until barbed wire, tick fever, railroads, and refrigeration stopped it almost a decade before the end of the nineteenth century. Nevertheless, its enduring spirit continues as though breathed into man from an ethereal spirit.

A Living History

The McMullen County Historical Commission (MCHC) seeks to share and preserve in stellar condition: stories, photos, documents, and antiquity information. We want to combine ours with yours, share common history, goals, and develop a bright and sustainable future. 

The South Texas Ranch and Heritage Center concept consists of much more than one building, one site, or even one county. The total concept encompases at least 30 counties known as South Texas.  

As we travel the trails of South Texas, the visage of antiquities from the past, the values, and the families who carry them forward are real. The idea behind the South Texas Ranch and Heritage Center is to share as much South Texas history as possible. In keeping with the Texas Historical Commission drive, point travelers to the "real places where the real stories" live, and experience that abundance with natives and sojourners.

Join us here where the virtual experience lives. Ranch and Heritage stories, antiquities, and artifacts belong now and to posterity.



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